WINDOW NOTICE: Due to the volume level of certain amplified concerts, please note that the window may be covered for acoustical reasons

Reserving seats;

  • To select your own seats,
    • from the seat map below, please begin by clicking on the section you would like to sit in, Orchestra Or Balcony  Or Stage Balcony
    • once that  section seat map is opened, hover over a specific seat, the Tier, Price and Seat Number will display in the pop-up.
    • choose ( click on)  your seat (s)
    • click on Proceed to Shopping Cart
    • check the contects of the Shopping Cart before you proceed to checkout
  • Best Available;  to select seats by pricing section, only (You will not select a seat from the seat map)
    • please click on the Best Available link, below the seat map.
    • choose the Tier, the number of seats you want from the drop down.
    • Click on Purchase

** If you have a promo code, for price discounts, please enter it before you choose your seat(s) **

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*Once in the shopping cart, DO NOT use your browser's buttons to navigate. Use only Back to Calendar or Proceed to Check Out.